Reinventing North Yorkshire for Europe

We lost the battle to stop the Prime Minister dragging us out of the EU under false pretences and against the will of the majority.

Now begins a new phase in our campaign. Working with other groups in Yorkshire and around the country, we’ve started to put together plans for a new set of campaign priorities. Here are some of them:

  • Making common cause with local EU27 citizens and offering support with the process of gaining settled status
  • Holding the Government to account as the negative consequences of Brexit are felt (and not allowing the PM to get away with pretending Brexit is now done and we shouldn’t talk about it any more!)
  • Campaigning for close alignment with EU rules and minimum standards – and for an extension to the transition period
  • Championing EU values and priorities of peace, democracy, diversity & human rights, workers’ rights, environmental & animal welfare standards, action on climate change etc
  • Rejoining the EU (our long-term campaign objective)

We’re also looking at other specific initiatives:

  • Working with the Reunion Chorus (formerly Yorkshire Remain Voice Choir) on plans for new ambassadorial role promoting EU values
  • Plans for Yorkshire edition of Byline Times, pro EU online newspaper (see below)
  • Planned regional Citizens’ Assemblies to help address the UK’s yawning democratic deficit
  • Possible EU drop in cafe in Harrogate

Interested in a particular working group? (Click on the relevant heading):

 Linking up with EU27 citizens including possible drop-in cafe 

Fostering links with  EU27 countries
Helping to support/ revive town twinning associations with particular emphasis on young people; seeking funding for educational initiatives involving local schools.

Monitoring  Brexit fallout 
Gathering data on negative consequences locally and regionally. Organising letter-writing campaigns plus possible material for Byline Yorkshire online newspaper (see bLOG POST).

Check out our Facebook Page to see the latest on what we’ve been up to and what we’re planning:

Dates for Your Diary

Please keep an eye on our facebook page for events being planned. Events such as our tractor demos are happening all the time and often at short notice. Other events will be posted here when arranged.