The famous Remain Voice Choir from Yorkshire for Europe recently made its 3rd trip to Parliament to show support for Steve Bray and Stand of Defiance European Movement (SODEM).

The long journey gave us plenty of time to practice our singing with, one or two notable exceptions apart, more enthusiasm than actual skill.

On arrival in London Steve Bray and a film cameraman were there to lead us in past College Green to Parliament Square and accompanied by our tuba player to give that authentic brass band sound and with our white rose and EU flags flying proudly we made our shambolic entrance to cheers from the waiting crowd.

During the visit we enjoyed conversations with Baron Wallace of Saltaire, Lord Newby and Baroness Harris of Richmond (who joined in the singing with great gusto!) and also John Grogan MP for Keighley.

Steve Brays “shout” at 6pm was another highlight and we enthusiastically joined him to tell Parliament to “Stoooooooooooop Brexit”

Our white rose flags and singing attracted a lot of attention throughout the day and we were filmed by ITN, Sky News, Al Jazeera, ARD German TV, Chinese TV, Ugandan TV, by an Irish TV freelance, broadcast on Radio Five live… and, of course, we featured on Channel 4 News.

After doing our best to drown out the Channel 4 news we piled into the coach for the long trip home to Yorkshire happy that we had done what we could to raise the profile of the Remain vote in Yorkshire.