NYFE Supporters at a recent Street Stall in Ripon

Appeal launched to help us sharpen our message

With the Tories still squabbling – and little chance of getting a deal or no deal through Parliament – either a General Election or People’s Vote this autumn is becoming ever more likely.  

Which is why North Yorkshire for Europe plan to sharpen our appeal so we can mobilise Remain voters – and persuade floating voters that we’d all be better off staying in the EU!

One of our most visible and engaging campaign tactics are use of street stalls. We’re now regularly staging stalls in different parts of our vast region – and we aim to make all our stalls look smarter and more professional.

So today we’re appealing to all our supporters to contribute to our fighting fund.

Our target is £5,000. We plan to use the money raised to: 

Buy new banners, tables, flags and merchandise – enough for three or more simultaneous street stallsStage public meetings and hustings

Boost our Social Media presence

Continue expanding our network across the region

Organise more rallies outside Parliament 

One-off donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively,  you may want to consider committing to the price of of a cup of coffee – £2.50 – once a month (or, if you’re feeling generous, the price of a coffee once a week). 

The button below allows you to set up regular donations of any amount. If we could generate a small regular income it would be a great help to our campaign planning – we are all volunteers and we are up against a slick, extremely well-funded Leave campaign! 

(The Chuffed.org page does not charge us anything but does suggest an additional donation to fund its’ own running costs. Whilst we would urge you to consider donating something as without the platform we could not raise funds, we also want to highlight that this additional donation is completely voluntary and the amount can be changed to a lesser amount or to zero if you wish.)