Dear Brits and fellow world citizens,

Reflecting on the last 3 years, we can only say that as Brits how do we regain our dignity and respect again in the world? How did we get to this place? We need to take a hard look at ourselves and face some hard facts….

We had a recession in 2008 and we had freedom of movement. Did the government invest the 3 billion tax paid by EU citizens into the areas where most of them were living to support and expand the infrastructure in the East and North East and other communities which were ignored and disenfranchised? You know the answer to this…..

On Selby Town Council’s website, it clearly states that they are “proud to live in a diverse and tolerant society. Racism and hate crimes have no place in our society.” So how about the inhabitants of Selby lead the way for the rest of our country to stand together with our fellow world citizens who have contributed so much to this country for decades, and demand that the government seriously reforms the Home Office’s monstrous Hostile Environment where families are separated and vulnerable children are left without one or none of their parents and families are split up. Utterly inhumane and shameful! 

Let’s build respect for each other again, save our planet for our children and grandchildren, break down barriers of hatred and dare to be one human race. Let’s respect our habitat which provides us with life, making use of our collective innovative brains to support this beautiful biodiverse earth and each other. Let’s focus on what really matters; we haven’t got long to save ourselves….