We had us a little vote, about three years ago

We thought that it would settle things, turned out it wasn’t so…

Now we’ve gotta get used to it, Bojo’s poised to take us out

He says that it’s all settled, we’ve already had our shout.

Now they’re talking shortages, not just wine and beer

Lorries on the motorway, not a million miles from here

I’ll guess we’ll have to get used to it, it’s what we voted for

We were told we’d all get rich, the reality is we’re poor.

There’s a crisis of leadership, this is what I hear;

Brexit’s a disaster, it’s going to cost us dear.

The only question left for us, is what do we do now?

Avert our eyes, cap in hand, how low can you bow?

Now we need our people to stand and do their bit

Against these cheats and liars, it’s not a time to sit.

The coming years are critical, I’m not the only one to say

A curse on all these Leavers, they must never have their day.

By Charlie M – an avowed Remainer