Yorkshire for Europe – an alliance of no less than 18 pro EU groups across the region – has launched an emergency campaign Fighting Fund to stop Boris Johnson.  We desperately need to raise £20,000 over the next three weeks to make as big an impact as we can across Yorkshire & the Humber’s 54 constituencies … and we’re asking YOU to help us reach our target!

We want to build on the success we’ve had with eye-catching campaign initiatives that have already attracted mainstream media attention in Yorkshire, the UK and worldwide. In the few weeks before the next election we want to:

– Ensure we get young people on the electoral roll and that we can help turn out the vote

– Target support to MPs in marginals to prevent Tory gains by highlighting the lies told

– Work with other anti-Brexit groups (like Lions Led by Donkeys) to strengthen our message

– Develop and professionalise our social media campaign

Creating all the events, leaflets, media releases, billboards etc that you would expect for a high profile campaign

We’re on the brink of a momentous decision over our relationship with our European friends and partners. It will have profound implications for future generations: our economy, future peace and prosperity – and our rights and freedoms to live, love and work across Europe.

There are less than six weeks to go before polling day on December 12th – it’s vital that we do what we can to influence the outcome. Please help!