Bishop of Leeds: PM can’t be trusted

As MPs debated Mr Johnson’s deal to pull the UK out of the EU last Saturday, the Bishop of Leeds, the Rt Revd Nick Baines, spoke in the House of Lords on the Brexit deal. He said the UK’s relationship with the EU had been shaped by “gross misrepresentation” — including that wrought by the Prime Minister.

He said: “Trust cannot be commanded, even by a Prime Minister. It has to be earned.” 

He continued: “We have been told lies, and there has been gross misrepresentation, including from the current Prime Minister when he was a journalist in Brussels. Propagated through the media, these lies have been allowed to go on, and have formed the way that we see and understand Europe, ourselves, and our role.”


Brexit: The gift that just keeps taking

The Government’s futile No Deal planning has cost us at least £2bn billion –  £3m per constituency … or £30 for each and every one of us!

Meanwhile  Sajid Javed has confirmed that the special 50p coins commemorating our October 31st departure from the EU  – and inscribed with Orwellian message “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations” – are being melted down and scrapped.

Johnson may struggle to get Commons majority he wants – election expert

Leading election expert Sir John Curtice, who correctly predicted the 2016 referendum result, has suggested it may be difficult for  the Conservatives to win an overall majority – and that could spell trouble for Boris Johnson.

“It’s an election that Boris Johnson has to win. If he does not get a majority or something very close to it, he will not be able to stay in government because the Conservatives do not have any friends elsewhere,” he told LBC radio.

“The Labour Party, by contrast, at least has the possibility of doing a deal with the SNP, a deal with the Liberal Democrats, getting support of the Greens and maybe even the DUP not standing in their way.”

Saturday in Harrogate

Another fantastic day at Harrogate street stall with Yorks Remain Voice Choir. Lots of claps and cheers from smiling Remainers and loads of people took our new leaflets plugging Peoples Vote march. We even had group of passing German tourists joining in with choir for German language version of Ode to Joy!