A New era for North Yorkshire for Europe

A message from our Chair to all our Supporters …

Dear Supporter,

Like scores of other pro-EU groups around the country, North Yorkshire for Europe have been re-evaluating our aims and objectives in the light of political events and the covid pandemic – and we want all of you to to be part of the next phase of our development as a campaign group. 

For obvious reasons, we’ve suspended campaign activities on the ground for most of the lockdown. But although eNewsletters have been few and far between, our steering committee has remained active with regular zoom meetings over the past year. We’ve been using the time to take stock of the new post-Brexit world we live in and consider how we as a group should move forward.

Having consulted with our friends in other “For Europe” groups and the European Movement (of which we are a branch), we’ve put together proposals for a revised constitution and a new draft Mission Statement which will set out our future aims and objectives (please see below). 

To approve these  – and to help reinvigorate our committee structure and membership – we’ve also set a date for our long-postponed Annual General  Meeting, which will be held via zoom at 7pm on Thursday, March 4th. Everyone is warmly invited! Please register here to take part.

We will send out an agenda nearer the time. In the meantime we’re asking anyone interested to put their names forward for election to the new committee – and we’re also asking for volunteers for proposed new working groups (please see below).

We are determined to build on the fantastic achievements of our group over the past three years – and to expand our amazing network of motivated,  like-minded people. We already have some ideas for possible new campaigns/ initiatives during and beyond the current lockdown (please see below) – but we also want to hear from you what you think we should be doing.  We remain committed to working alongside our European friends towards a fairer, more democratic society.

Finally, on a personal note, I won’t be seeking re-election as chair at the AGM next month – I aim to concentrate instead on playing an active role on our steering committee as communications/ media officer. I look forward to working with a new chair when he/she is elected as we enter an exciting new phase in our development. 

I hope to see you at our zoom meeting on March 4th (and I hope in the not-too-distant future we will be able to take part in an old-fashioned physical meeting!).

Best wishes and stay safe,   

Chair North Yorkshire for Europe
Steering Committee positions for re-election

Please let us know if you’re interested in putting your name forward for election to any of the positions below:

Membership Development Officer
Data Protection Officer
Communications Officer
European Movement Liaison Officer

To put your name forward please email the committee, stating which position(s) you are interested in
Some ideas for possible future campaigns –  does one of these interest you?

We’re keen to recruit volunteers for some ideas we’re looking at.  To help us plan for this, please let us know if you’re interested in helping out by clicking on the relevant link below – you can give as little or as much time as you wish. If you have an idea of your own, please click on the link at the bottom 

Maintaining and strengthening ties with with EU insititutions

Now that Brexit has happened, it’s important that we work to maintain and strengthen our ties with EU27 citizens and institutions. This is to our mutual benefit and will help us towards our long-term goal of rejoining the EU. Some initiatives have already been taken – for example, an EU-UK Friendship Group has been set up by EU27 MEPs. We are also exploring the idea of supporting Twinning Associations and perhaps helping to establish new ones between towns and villages in North Yorkshire with their counterparts in EU27 countries. (We are also keen to support Europe Day, something which our colleagues at York for Europe are already planning for  May 2022)
If you’re interested in helping out on this, please email us here


The Government’s mean-spirited decision to withdraw from the EU’s Erasmus student exchange programme will snatch the opportunity of a lifetime from thousands of students and young people from across Yorkshire and the UK. 

Despite a promise made by Boris Johnson in the Commons last January that “there is no threat to the Erasmus scheme”  he has now decided it’s “too costly.”  Ministers have hastily announced their alternative “Turing” scheme to enable students to go on exchanges “across the world.”  Apart from encouraging young people to travel further, creating more CO2 emissions, the Turing scheme is far less generous than Erasmus – which offers university and college students and apprentices a monthly living grant, with higher grants and bursaries for young people from low-income backgrounds.  

The Scottish government is now in talks with the EU over the possibility of Scottish students continuing to have access to Erasmus. Why shouldn’t young people from Yorkshire also have this opportunity?   

Would you be interested in helping to spread the word about Erasmus to young people – and in increasing pressure on Yorkshire MPs to do the right thing? If so, please email us

Brexit fallout

Despite assurances to the contrary, the negative consequences of Brexit on our communities and our economy are becoming ever more apparent. For example, the Yorkshire crab and shellfish industry, the UK’s largest,  is facing major problems with exports to the EU – which used to account for 80 per cent of its market.  And Yorkshire Bylines’ David Davies Downside Dossier , named after the former Brexit Secretary who told the Commons in 2016 “there will be no downside to Brexit at all,” has so far listed 78 downsides ranging from a steep increase in delivery supply times for UK factories and new taxes on exports of steel products from South Yorkshire to five-fold increases in debit card fees for British shoppers buying from EU-based companies.

We’re keen to keep track of the impact of Brexit on local businesses, organisations,  communities and individuals – particularly human interest stories  – and to make local media aware.  

Would you be interested in helping to gather and compile information on this? If so, please email us

Protecting food and animal welfare standards

The quality of the food we eat – where it comes from and how it is produced – is something that concerns all of us. In rural  North Yorkshire farming is a big part of our local economy – yet traditional farming is under grave threat from post-Brexit deregulation and cheap imports of food produced to lower safe, environmental and welfare standards than those required of UK farmers.

A few months ago North Yorkshire for Europe took a lead in helping to organise two high-profile tractor rallies – in Northallerton and Stokesley – alongside Save British Farming. This helped to kick-start other tractor rallies around the country and SBF are keen push forward with their campaign to stop dodgy food imports as part of trade deals with the US and other countries.

Would you be interested in helping to support this campaign from a North Yorkshire perspective? If so please email us

Other ideas for specific areas we could look at: Lobbying political parties to support Proportional Representation; Helping EU27 Citizens in North Yorkshire/ Yorkshire 

Have an idea of your own? Please email us here

Mission Statement and Values

DRAFT – for approval by AGM…
Our Mission is to rebuild and develop our relationship with Europe and the European Union. 

We will: 
* Champion our European values, including democracy, human rights, peace, prosperity, economic and social justice and respect for the environment 

* Defend the rights and freedoms of all people in the UK and Europe 

* Work closely with other local, regional, national and international pro-European organisations where there is a shared interest and alignment of values 

* Support a close and mutually advantageous relationship with the European continent and its countries 

* Give voice to people and businesses adversely affected by our changed relationship with our European neighbours 

* Campaign for the UK to maintain parity with the highest European standards on food, human rights, worker’s protections and the environment.

Our Values are: Internationalism, Friendship, Openness, Inclusivity, Respect, Peace, Democracy, Honesty, Justice and Liberty
Please register here to take part in AGM via zoom, 7pm on Thurs, March 4th

Farmers mobilise against U.S “Hell Meat”

Pressure is building on North Yorkshire MPs to support plans for a ban on imports of inferior, low-welfare meat from US factory farms – following some of the biggest farmers’ protests seen in recent times.

Tractors with trailers, lorries and farm machinery decked out with “Save British Farming” banners travelled in convoy up Northallerton High Street on Friday 25th September and in Stokesley on Friday 9th October. Scores of supporters  lined the street, clapping, cheering and waving and placards calling for protection of food and animal welfare standards. 

The demo’s have received widespread media coverage including North East Bylines, the Northern Echo and the Yorkshire Post  – and the personal support of Yorkshire Post editor James Mitchinson who tweeted“Farmers – the people who put  food on the table – need our help if the country cares about the chemicals that go into our children and/ or the way animals are treated.”  The paper’s leader column said the demo: “offered further evidence of the simmering unease which has the potential to reach boiling point unless the Government listens to farmers, peers and all those who are now fearful for UK agriculture’s future because of its obdurance over Brexit.”

The protests, supported by Save British Farming, North Yorkshire for Europe and York for Europe, was organised to increase public awareness of the threat from planned deregulation of food standards to smooth the way for post-Brexit trade deals.

There were speeches by Graham Clarke, the Bedale farmer who led the convoy, Jon Johnson, of Save British Farming, and Lord Newby, leader of the Lib Dems in the House of Lords, who said: “When this Government says ‘trust us’ you have to double lock your wallet. Worse, this Bill will only be debated for 90 minutes, so keep pressuring your MP.

Later Graham travelled by tractor to the outskirts of the town to deliver a protest letter to Richmondshire MP Rishi Sunak’s office. Graham said unregulated US imports “will mean ruin for huge numbers (of farmers) who are just getting by right now.” 

Graham Clarke delivering his letter to Chancellor Sunak’s office

A US trade deal could allow in not just chlorinated chicken but also meat from cows and pigs kept in extreme crowded conditions in US factory farms  – where they are pumped full of antibiotics and artificial growth hormones banned in the UK, the EU and scores of other countries.

Imports of cheap meat from US factory farms – described as “hell meat” in a recent investigation by the Daily Mirror – would expose consumers to chemicals linked to cancer and undercut traditional livestock farmers in North Yorkshire. This would exacerbate problems created by a hard Brexit, with farmers likely to find themselves cut off from their main export market (90 per cent of UK lamb and beef exports go to the EU).

In May Rishi Sunak failed to support a rebel Tory amendment to the Agriculture Bill that sought to ban US imports of food produced to lower welfare, food safety and environmental standards than those required of British farmers. (In fact he voted for the amendment but made it clear later he had done so accidentally).

To their shame all of North Yorkshire’s other five Conservative MPs voted against the amendment: Julian Smith (Skipton & Ripon); Kevin Hollinrake (Thirsk & Malton); Andrew Jones (Harrogate & Knaresborough); Nigel Adams (Selby & Ainsty) and Bob Goodenough (Scarborough & Whitby) See the full list of MPs who voted the amendment down here

York Outer Tory MP Julian Sturdy joined the rebels by backing the amendment, also supported by York Central MP Rachael Maskell (Lab). We must build momentum to maximise pressure on MPs ahead of crucial vote next month!  (please see below)

It’s not too late to stop this madness!

On Thursday a pivotal amendment to the Agriculture Bill was passed in the House of Lords – that would “require agricultural and food imports to meet domestic standards.”So when the bill comes back to the Commons next month MPs will have another opportunity to do the right thing by backing our farmers and protecting our food and animal welfare standards – as promised in the Conservative manifesto and demanded by more than a million people who’ve signed the NFU’s food standards petition.

Please take five minutes to email or write to your MP! 

Contacting your MP

You email your MP using the Save British Farming link where letter is already part written …

Alternatively, you can email your MP direct (click on appropriate MP’s name below)  – remembering to include your address and postcode to show you are a constituent …

you can write an old-fashioned letter (click on link for office address). 

Rishi Sunak (Richmondshire) Constituency Office

Julian Smith (Skipton & Ripon) Constituency Office: Churchill House, 19 Otley Street, Skipton BD23 1DY
Kevin Hollinrake (Thirsk & Malton) Constituency office
Andrew Jones (Harrogate & Knaresborough) Constituency Office
Nigel Adams (Selby & Ainsty) Constituency Office
Robert Goodwill (Scarborough & Whitby) Constituency Office
Julian Sturdy (York Outer) Constituency office

Thank EU for Being Here!

Our ‘Thank EU for Being Here’ party for EU27 citizens on January 31st was a roaring success.

On a sad day for our country our supporters refused to be despondent – and more than 130 of us packed into the historic St Wilfrid’s parish Hall in Harrogate – including around 40 EU27 nationals with citizens from Poland, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Luxembourg and numerous other countries.

Entertainment was laid on by Arnold and the Raisers blues & folk band and by Arnold (again!) and the Reunion Chorus (the new name for the Yorkshire Remain Voice Choir). A vegan buffet was provided by the award-winning Mango Indian restaurant,  as well as stone-baked pizzas from a local Italian restaurant. There were speeches by European Movement vice-chair Richard Wilson,  Andy Dennis (an NHS nurse who volunteers with Medicins Sans Frontieres), and Richard Sadler, of North Yorkshire for Europe.

At 11pm , when the UK formally left the EU after 47 years, a minute’s silence was held followed by a mass rendition of Ode to Joy, the European anthem.

There were tears of sorrow but there was also optimism and very strong sense of kinship between so many like-minded people determined not to be downtrodden.

The event was filmed live via satellite link by a crew from ITN News at Ten. Watch News at Ten report from our party here [at 24′ 5″] Participants were also interviewed by Nick Robinson from BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme a film crew from BBC Look North and by BBC Radio York.

Our message: We want to thank our EU27 friends for the huge contribution they’ve made to our country – and we will do everything we can to hold the Government to account for the coming Brexit shambles! 

A big welcome to all our new EU27 friends … and a huge thank you to our supporters whose generous donations made this event possible.

Read more about the party on Margaret’s blog

New Online Newspaper – The Byline Times

New Online Newspaper planned for Yorkshire – to report the news other media won’t 

… And we’re looking for contributors!

Plans are being drawn up for a regional version of  Byline Times an online newspaper for freelance journalists passionate about reporting on issues not covered elsewhere … and Yorkshire has been chosen for the first pilot!

Throughout the Brexit process Byline Times has established a reputation  for unbiased, fact-based journalism. It’s aim is to concentrate on ‘what the papers don’t say’ and investigate the untold stories of modern Britain.

As their website says: 
“We will follow the story wherever it goes, without fear or favour. No PR company, advertiser or press baron can influence the stories we choose. Our integrity will come from our editorial independence.

“… We think many communities and regions are misrepresented in the media because they are under-represented. We hope to give a voice to those not provided a platform elsewhere.”

Our colleagues at South & West Yorkshire for Europe have been in discussions with Peter Jukes, one of the newspaper’s founders and executive editors.Peter and the team are keen to support citizen-led journalism in local communities and would like to pilot this with Byline Yorkshire. They’ll provide the website and technical support, if we write the stories. These might include items such as:

  • Local hospital services being put out to private tender
  • Commentary on the actions of our elected representatives
  • Local business owner struggling post-Brexit
  • Other human interest stories or even random funny videos 
  • Historical or current pride stories about our communities

We’re looking for writers, photographers, researchers and videographers. Input can be as frequent or as infrequent as time allows.  We’re be particularly interested in hearing from journalists from student newspapers. Interested? Contact Louise 

Emergency fundraising appeal launched to stop Boris Johnson

Yorkshire for Europe – an alliance of no less than 18 pro EU groups across the region – has launched an emergency campaign Fighting Fund to stop Boris Johnson.  We desperately need to raise £20,000 over the next three weeks to make as big an impact as we can across Yorkshire & the Humber’s 54 constituencies … and we’re asking YOU to help us reach our target!

We want to build on the success we’ve had with eye-catching campaign initiatives that have already attracted mainstream media attention in Yorkshire, the UK and worldwide. In the few weeks before the next election we want to:

– Ensure we get young people on the electoral roll and that we can help turn out the vote

– Target support to MPs in marginals to prevent Tory gains by highlighting the lies told

– Work with other anti-Brexit groups (like Lions Led by Donkeys) to strengthen our message

– Develop and professionalise our social media campaign

Creating all the events, leaflets, media releases, billboards etc that you would expect for a high profile campaign

We’re on the brink of a momentous decision over our relationship with our European friends and partners. It will have profound implications for future generations: our economy, future peace and prosperity – and our rights and freedoms to live, love and work across Europe.

There are less than six weeks to go before polling day on December 12th – it’s vital that we do what we can to influence the outcome. Please help!

A Little Vote

We had us a little vote, about three years ago

We thought that it would settle things, turned out it wasn’t so…

Now we’ve gotta get used to it, Bojo’s poised to take us out

He says that it’s all settled, we’ve already had our shout.

Now they’re talking shortages, not just wine and beer

Lorries on the motorway, not a million miles from here

I’ll guess we’ll have to get used to it, it’s what we voted for

We were told we’d all get rich, the reality is we’re poor.

There’s a crisis of leadership, this is what I hear;

Brexit’s a disaster, it’s going to cost us dear.

The only question left for us, is what do we do now?

Avert our eyes, cap in hand, how low can you bow?

Now we need our people to stand and do their bit

Against these cheats and liars, it’s not a time to sit.

The coming years are critical, I’m not the only one to say

A curse on all these Leavers, they must never have their day.

By Charlie M – an avowed Remainer

A heartfelt letter from Selby

Dear Brits and fellow world citizens,

Reflecting on the last 3 years, we can only say that as Brits how do we regain our dignity and respect again in the world? How did we get to this place? We need to take a hard look at ourselves and face some hard facts….

We had a recession in 2008 and we had freedom of movement. Did the government invest the 3 billion tax paid by EU citizens into the areas where most of them were living to support and expand the infrastructure in the East and North East and other communities which were ignored and disenfranchised? You know the answer to this…..

On Selby Town Council’s website, it clearly states that they are “proud to live in a diverse and tolerant society. Racism and hate crimes have no place in our society.” So how about the inhabitants of Selby lead the way for the rest of our country to stand together with our fellow world citizens who have contributed so much to this country for decades, and demand that the government seriously reforms the Home Office’s monstrous Hostile Environment where families are separated and vulnerable children are left without one or none of their parents and families are split up. Utterly inhumane and shameful! 

Let’s build respect for each other again, save our planet for our children and grandchildren, break down barriers of hatred and dare to be one human race. Let’s respect our habitat which provides us with life, making use of our collective innovative brains to support this beautiful biodiverse earth and each other. Let’s focus on what really matters; we haven’t got long to save ourselves…. 

Bishop of Leeds: PM can’t be trusted

As MPs debated Mr Johnson’s deal to pull the UK out of the EU last Saturday, the Bishop of Leeds, the Rt Revd Nick Baines, spoke in the House of Lords on the Brexit deal. He said the UK’s relationship with the EU had been shaped by “gross misrepresentation” — including that wrought by the Prime Minister.

He said: “Trust cannot be commanded, even by a Prime Minister. It has to be earned.” 

He continued: “We have been told lies, and there has been gross misrepresentation, including from the current Prime Minister when he was a journalist in Brussels. Propagated through the media, these lies have been allowed to go on, and have formed the way that we see and understand Europe, ourselves, and our role.”

Brexit: The gift that just keeps taking

The Government’s futile No Deal planning has cost us at least £2bn billion –  £3m per constituency … or £30 for each and every one of us!

Meanwhile  Sajid Javed has confirmed that the special 50p coins commemorating our October 31st departure from the EU  – and inscribed with Orwellian message “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations” – are being melted down and scrapped.

Johnson may struggle to get Commons majority he wants – election expert

Leading election expert Sir John Curtice, who correctly predicted the 2016 referendum result, has suggested it may be difficult for  the Conservatives to win an overall majority – and that could spell trouble for Boris Johnson.

“It’s an election that Boris Johnson has to win. If he does not get a majority or something very close to it, he will not be able to stay in government because the Conservatives do not have any friends elsewhere,” he told LBC radio.

“The Labour Party, by contrast, at least has the possibility of doing a deal with the SNP, a deal with the Liberal Democrats, getting support of the Greens and maybe even the DUP not standing in their way.”

Saturday in Harrogate

Another fantastic day at Harrogate street stall with Yorks Remain Voice Choir. Lots of claps and cheers from smiling Remainers and loads of people took our new leaflets plugging Peoples Vote march. We even had group of passing German tourists joining in with choir for German language version of Ode to Joy!

Join Yorkshire for Europe Rally in support of our Parliament!

Yorkshire for Europe have booked a coach to Westminster for next Monday, Oct 7th – to show our unequivocal support for the courageous MPs working for our best interests.

Our unscrupulous,  self-serving PM and his cabal of extreme ideologues are prepared to sacrifice everything for their calamitous No Deal Brexit with no mandate to do so … and Parliament is all that’s standing in their way. After the momentous events of the past week, it’s vital that we show solidarity with our democratically-elected representatives … voted in by 32.3 million people! 

Book coach ticket for Westminster rally

As has been well documented, many MPs – including several from our region – have been threatened with death or violence by fanatical brexiteers. The inflammatory language used by the PM and his friends in the media can only make matters worse.

Yet this has not deterred those MPs working to avert the disaster of a cliff edge Brexit. They are portrayed as the enemies of the people but they are our friends and they deserve our support!  Next Monday, October 7th – a week earlier than originally planned –  supporters from across Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire will be travelling with the famous Yorkshire Remain Voice Choir, which attracted media coverage across the UK and around the world on our last trip several weeks ago.

Come and join us outside Parliament, support our MPs –  and remind the world’s media that Yorkshire does not want a catastrophic No Deal Brexit … or any other sort of Brexit! 

Tickets are just £25 rtn – and we’re picking up in Boroughbridge and Wetherby, as well as West and South Yorkshire. Find out more and book your tickets here

Flying the flag for Yorkshire

Johnson will suspend Parliament

Boris Johnson has confirmed that his Government will shut down Parliament today, Monday, 9 September. This move has caused outrage amongst opposition parties and the general public, with thousands of people protesting in towns and cities across the country when this plan was first announced.

There is a lack of support from many within his own party, with resignations increasing day by day. Amber Rudd MP is the latest cabinet minister to resign, claiming that she no longer believes that the Prime Minister is serious about getting a deal, citing no evidence of real negotiations taking place. She closely follows the Prime Minister’s brother, Joe Johnson MP, who resigned saying that he had to put the National Interest above family loyalty.

These are not the only prominent Conservatives appalled at Boris Johnson’s actions. Former Prime Minister, Sir John Major, said:

“I cannot imagine Mr Disraeli, Mr Gladstone, Mr Churchill or Mrs Thatcher even in their most difficult moments saying let us put parliament aside while I carry through this difficult policy that a part of my party disagrees with.” 

Meanwhile, Lord Heseltine has come out with a statement condemning the current Prime Ministers actions.

“The government’s decision to suspend parliament in order to force through a No Deal Brexit is a constitutional outrage. A government which is frightened of parliament is frightened of democracy. I hope that every member of parliament in feeling this humiliation will use every legal and constitutional weapon to obstruct a government proposing to force on the British people a historic change for which they have long since lost any mandate.  
“To abandon parliamentary scrutiny is a constitutional affront. My party, the one I have worked for all my life, told the British people about the new role that Britain could play in the world. Britain has helped to change Europe from Fascist and Communist dictatorships to Parliamentary democracies. And now I am told by the leader and the cabinet of that same party that we were all wrong – that we now must become some subordinate vassal state to the United States.
“This is outside anything I could ever have believed that the Conservative party would propose, and I hope that large numbers of Conservatives, as well as friends from other political traditions, will join together to resist it.”

Labour backs Remain!

Labour supporters at the Peoples Vote March, October 2018

After years of campaigning and internal pressure, Remain supporting members of the Labour party won a huge victory today with Jeremy Corbyn finally going on record to declare that Labour now demands a confirmatory vote on any deal or no-deal option, and that Labour would campaign to Remain.

Tom Watson, deputy leader of the Labour party said “Our members have been telling us for some time now that they want us to be a Remain party and that they want us to put the new deal to the people,”

“We’re now going to campaign for that and I’m very proud that the shadow cabinet have now listened to their concerns.”

A Labour bloc on the People’s march, organised by Remain Labour and the LabourSay campaign

Miriam Mirwitch, chair of Young Labour, welcomed the move, adding: “This vital shift shows that Labour is a party centred around democracy that has listened to what it’s members have wanted for some time: a People’s Vote in which Labour campaigns to Remain.”

The move is indeed a great victory for those within the Labour party that have worked so hard to keep opinion moving and whose work at the last Labour Conference and in Labour branches and CLP’s up and down the country has finally paid off. Groups such as Another Europe is Possible, Remain Labour, LabourSay, Open Labour and Labour for a Public Vote, amongst many others, can rightly be proud of what they have achieved today.

Remain Labour activists in Parliament Square

Whilst some might say that there is still some ambiguity in Labours stance, especially concerning a general election and what a future manifesto position might be, it is unarguable that the current position is that Labour backs a public vote on any deal in all circumstances. There is a slight possibility that IF a general election is called, and IF Labour win, that they may decide to try and renegotiate a deal, and IF they succeed, may call a vote on that Labour deal.

But regardless, a vote there will be, and, my friends, looking back to where we were just four months ago, I am happy with that. And, after the next three months of Labour members campaigning for a public vote and arguing the case for Remain – what odds that the Labour leadership can change tack once again and look towards a possible Lexit, without destroying any hopes of a GE win in the process? Slender, I think, and remote.

Today, Labour backs Remain, and we are that much closer to preventing the disaster that Brexit entails. Today, hope is winning.

A labour activist marching in London

Gearing up for an Autumn election or Peoples Vote

NYFE Supporters at a recent Street Stall in Ripon

Appeal launched to help us sharpen our message

With the Tories still squabbling – and little chance of getting a deal or no deal through Parliament – either a General Election or People’s Vote this autumn is becoming ever more likely.  

Which is why North Yorkshire for Europe plan to sharpen our appeal so we can mobilise Remain voters – and persuade floating voters that we’d all be better off staying in the EU!

One of our most visible and engaging campaign tactics are use of street stalls. We’re now regularly staging stalls in different parts of our vast region – and we aim to make all our stalls look smarter and more professional.

So today we’re appealing to all our supporters to contribute to our fighting fund.

Our target is £5,000. We plan to use the money raised to: 

Buy new banners, tables, flags and merchandise – enough for three or more simultaneous street stallsStage public meetings and hustings

Boost our Social Media presence

Continue expanding our network across the region

Organise more rallies outside Parliament 

One-off donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively,  you may want to consider committing to the price of of a cup of coffee – £2.50 – once a month (or, if you’re feeling generous, the price of a coffee once a week). 

The button below allows you to set up regular donations of any amount. If we could generate a small regular income it would be a great help to our campaign planning – we are all volunteers and we are up against a slick, extremely well-funded Leave campaign! 

(The page does not charge us anything but does suggest an additional donation to fund its’ own running costs. Whilst we would urge you to consider donating something as without the platform we could not raise funds, we also want to highlight that this additional donation is completely voluntary and the amount can be changed to a lesser amount or to zero if you wish.)

Plan for big London Marches now!

March for Change, London – July 20th, 2019 

With the Conservative Party seemingly posed to choose arch-Brexiter Boris Johnson to be our new Prime Minister, we now need to make our opposition louder and clearer than ever before.  We have to stop Brexit before it is too late.

The March for Change is calling for a change of course for our country.  We want to put Brexit behind us.  We want to reunite with Europe.  We want to fix Britain.

For information about the March for Change, click here  

Book your coach ticket from York here
Book your coach ticket from Leeds here

(There are no plans for coaches from Harrogate for this event)

People’s Vote March, London  – October 19th 2019

Message from the People’s Vote team:
This summer, the British people have the chance to force our way back into the final decision on Brexit. We are going on the offensive, with rallies in 15 towns and cities across the country, culminating with an enormous, historic march in London on October 19. Because it is now clear that this is a crisis that cannot be settled by a new prime minister or a deadlocked parliament. It can only be settled by us, the people.

Save the dates. And let’s save the country. Click here for more information

Yorkshire for Europe heading for Brussels

Our poster being distributed around Brussels

Getting ready to make our voices heard in Brussels!

Plans are coming together for our big trip to the European Parliament in Brussels.

  • All 52 tickets for the coach/ ferry have sold out – and others are making their way independently*
  • We’re being met by our three newly-elected Remain MEPs: Richard Corbett (Lab), Shaffaq Mohammed (Lib Dem) and Magid Magid (Greens) 
  • We’re being joined by EU Supergirl Madeleina Kay and supporters from Angels for Europe, Grassroots for Europe and Women for Europe, the Brussels Light Opera Company and  Brussels-based pro EU groups

EU Supergirl Madeliena Kay

*Tickets have sold out – but  if you want to be added to our waiting list  in case of cancellations, please email. Alternatively, you could of course travel under your own steam and join us in Brussels! please email for more details

EU Elections 2019 Hustings

Book your free ticket here: Eventbrite Booking Page

Debating the issues

The European Elections on 23 May were not expected to be fought here in the UK. For some this is a matter of deep disappointment and a failure of political leadership. Others are delighted and see it is a the first step towards a second referendum and the opportunity to stay in the EU.

Everyone is welcome – whatever your viewpoint

Whatever your point of view you are welcome to attend to hear what the parties have to say. There will also be an opportunity to get your voice heard.

Political parties from across the spectrum

We have invited both Remain and Leave parties to the event to ensure balance. This includes The Green Party, Liberal-Democrats, Change UK, the Yorkshire Party, Labour, Conservative, UKIP and the Brexit Party.

Eminent local Chair

The hustings will be chaired by Professor John C Adams MBE who so successfully chaired a similar cross party meeting in January. Professor Adams is the Vice President of the National Governance Association, Founder of the National Teaching Awards and Treasurer of Humanists UK. He was a Board member of the General Teaching Council, has given evidence to several Select Committees of the House of Commons and was awarded an MBE for services to education in 2013. He lives in Harrogate.

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Promoting Revoke Article 50 Petition

When we last checked the Revoke Article 50 petition had topped 5,800,000 signatures.  Now we’re joining with other groups around the country to help push the total to 10 million.

We’ve produced a leaflet we’re planning to hand out on street corners, outside railway stations and on street stalls to encourage more and more people to sign.

Want to volunteer with leafleting? Please email us

Revoke Article 50 leaflet - front

Here’s some advice we’ve put on the back of the leaflet (which applies equally to our supporters!)

Revoke Article 50 leaflet - advice on the back

Are you able to give up an hour or two to help hand out leaflets in your area? If so please email us

Meanwhile, the constituencies of Skipton & Ripon(9, 030 signatures/ 9% of constituents) and Thirsk & Malton (7, 271 signatures/ 7.2%) have turned a darker shade of orange on the Petition map – while in Harrogate & Knaresborough is shaded an even deeper orange (10, 887 signatures) 

Map showing numbers of people in North Yorkshire who have signed the petition
Revoke Article 50 map showing seats with most signatures (click on image to use interactive map)

Good to know that the Remain movement is getting stronger here in North Yorkshire!