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We need your help….

Goodwill and brave hearts only go so far.  With only days remaining, we must work extra hard to stop Brexit. Campaigning takes time and money – and we are running out of both!

We need your help to support our work. If you want a final say on whatever dodgy deal gets offered to us, we need to up the ante and make our voices heard.

North Yorkshire for Europe at the London March on 20th October

We urgently need funds to:

  • Hire coaches to ensure a Yorkshire presence outside Parliament
  • Sponsor students and the unwaged to cover their transport costs 
  • Set up new local groups across North Yorkshire
  • Run regular street stalls in our towns
  • Meet the cost of holding rallies and debates
  • Design and print leaflets telling people the facts,
  • Buy flags and banners to make an impact on TV
  • March again on London to make our presence felt
  • Support the fight to win a second referendum vote

With your support we can do this and more. With your help we can Stop Brexit and Save Britain!

a button that links to our donation page