Yorkshire for Europe heading for Brussels

Our poster being distributed around Brussels

Getting ready to make our voices heard in Brussels!

Plans are coming together for our big trip to the European Parliament in Brussels.

  • All 52 tickets for the coach/ ferry have sold out – and others are making their way independently*
  • We’re being met by our three newly-elected Remain MEPs: Richard Corbett (Lab), Shaffaq Mohammed (Lib Dem) and Magid Magid (Greens) 
  • We’re being joined by EU Supergirl Madeleina Kay and supporters from Angels for Europe, Grassroots for Europe and Women for Europe, the Brussels Light Opera Company and  Brussels-based pro EU groups

EU Supergirl Madeliena Kay

*Tickets have sold out – but  if you want to be added to our waiting list  in case of cancellations, please email. Alternatively, you could of course travel under your own steam and join us in Brussels! please email for more details

EU Elections 2019 Hustings

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Debating the issues

The European Elections on 23 May were not expected to be fought here in the UK. For some this is a matter of deep disappointment and a failure of political leadership. Others are delighted and see it is a the first step towards a second referendum and the opportunity to stay in the EU.

Everyone is welcome – whatever your viewpoint

Whatever your point of view you are welcome to attend to hear what the parties have to say. There will also be an opportunity to get your voice heard.

Political parties from across the spectrum

We have invited both Remain and Leave parties to the event to ensure balance. This includes The Green Party, Liberal-Democrats, Change UK, the Yorkshire Party, Labour, Conservative, UKIP and the Brexit Party.

Eminent local Chair

The hustings will be chaired by Professor John C Adams MBE who so successfully chaired a similar cross party meeting in January. Professor Adams is the Vice President of the National Governance Association, Founder of the National Teaching Awards and Treasurer of Humanists UK. He was a Board member of the General Teaching Council, has given evidence to several Select Committees of the House of Commons and was awarded an MBE for services to education in 2013. He lives in Harrogate.

Book your ticket for the EU Election Hustings here: Booking Page

We’re back from Yorkshire just to say…………

The famous Remain Voice Choir from Yorkshire for Europe recently made its 3rd trip to Parliament to show support for Steve Bray and Stand of Defiance European Movement (SODEM).

The long journey gave us plenty of time to practice our singing with, one or two notable exceptions apart, more enthusiasm than actual skill.

On arrival in London Steve Bray and a film cameraman were there to lead us in past College Green to Parliament Square and accompanied by our tuba player to give that authentic brass band sound and with our white rose and EU flags flying proudly we made our shambolic entrance to cheers from the waiting crowd.

During the visit we enjoyed conversations with Baron Wallace of Saltaire, Lord Newby and Baroness Harris of Richmond (who joined in the singing with great gusto!) and also John Grogan MP for Keighley.

Steve Brays “shout” at 6pm was another highlight and we enthusiastically joined him to tell Parliament to “Stoooooooooooop Brexit”

Our white rose flags and singing attracted a lot of attention throughout the day and we were filmed by ITN, Sky News, Al Jazeera, ARD German TV, Chinese TV, Ugandan TV, by an Irish TV freelance, broadcast on Radio Five live… and, of course, we featured on Channel 4 News.

After doing our best to drown out the Channel 4 news we piled into the coach for the long trip home to Yorkshire happy that we had done what we could to raise the profile of the Remain vote in Yorkshire.

Coach Planned to take Yorkshire campaigners to Parliament

Yorkshire for Europe campaigners at SODEM demo
Yorkshire for Europe campaigners at SODEM demo

As MPs move ever close to taking control of the Brexit agenda, we’re planning another trip to Parliament … to remind them of their public duty to put this back to the people.

We’re planning to join forces with colleagues from other pro EU groups across the region by hiring a coach to take supporters to Westminster on Tuesday, April 2nd and Monday 8th April.

This will be the fourth and fifth trip by Yorkshire for Europe supporters. Every time we’ve been before we’ve got ourselves noticed:

  • We’ve secured meetings with MPs
  • We’ve got TV and newspaper coverage
  • We’ve got Yorkshire flags on national television
  • Our march on Parliament with Yorkshire flags has been shared tens of thousands of times on social media

Steve Bray and the SODEM team – who’ve been holding protests outside Parliament for 18 months – are very appreciative of this support. 

They’re asking us to support them again at this crucial stage in the battle to stop Brexit!

Please come and join us if you can. If you’re interested in coming please email us

Flying the flag for Yorkshire

Promoting Revoke Article 50 Petition

When we last checked the Revoke Article 50 petition had topped 5,800,000 signatures.  Now we’re joining with other groups around the country to help push the total to 10 million.

We’ve produced a leaflet we’re planning to hand out on street corners, outside railway stations and on street stalls to encourage more and more people to sign.

Want to volunteer with leafleting? Please email us

Revoke Article 50 leaflet - front

Here’s some advice we’ve put on the back of the leaflet (which applies equally to our supporters!)

Revoke Article 50 leaflet - advice on the back

Are you able to give up an hour or two to help hand out leaflets in your area? If so please email us

Meanwhile, the constituencies of Skipton & Ripon(9, 030 signatures/ 9% of constituents) and Thirsk & Malton (7, 271 signatures/ 7.2%) have turned a darker shade of orange on the Petition map – while in Harrogate & Knaresborough is shaded an even deeper orange (10, 887 signatures) 

Map showing numbers of people in North Yorkshire who have signed the petition
Revoke Article 50 map showing seats with most signatures (click on image to use interactive map)

Good to know that the Remain movement is getting stronger here in North Yorkshire!

Thousands of Yorkshire campaigners join demo

Demonstrators carry posters and flags during peoples anti-brexit march in London
Demonstrators carry posters and flags during a Peoples Vote anti-Brexit march in London, Saturday, March 23, 2019. (AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

Brexit revolt as more than a million take to streets in London

What an amazing day! More than a million people from every corner of the nation joined the big Put it to the People march on Saturday.  It was one of the biggest gatherings London has seen since VE day – so big that many never got anywhere near Parliament Square to hear the speeches. But it didn’t matter because every one who went left feeling elated – and with a sense that the momentum behind Remain movement is becoming unstoppable.

Yorkshire flags were everywhere on the march
Yorkshire flags: a common sight everywhere on the march

A record 19 coachloads of supporters – including three from North Yorkshire – set off down the M1. Many more traveled independently. Read the story in the Yorkshire Post

People from all backgrounds, races, nationalities – adults and children, able bodied and disabled – joined together in common purpose: To stop our despotic Prime Minister trying to drag us out of the EU.

Supporters ready to board the first of three NYFE coaches
Supporters ready to board the first of three NyFE coaches

There were clusters of white rose flags almost everywhere (we lost count of the number of people who asked, “what’s the flag with the flower?!”) 

The march came as the online petition to Revoke Article 50 became the biggest ever seen on the Government’s website (see below). Meanwhileopinion polls  suggest the public mood has changed and people generally are going off the whole idea of Brexit.

No longer can the Prime Minister claim it’s the will of the people. 

North Yorkshire for Euriope Banner at the march

Yorkshire pro EU campaigners make their mark in Westminster

Yorkshire campaigners are welcomed by the “Voice of Remain” – Steve Bray

NYfE supporters joined colleagues from other pro EU groups across Yorkshire last Wednesday (13th February) for our first foray outside Parliament – and we immediately made an impact.

– Our press release prompted widespread publicity including this story in the Bradford T& A

– Our letter from the newly formed Yorkshire for Europe, an alliance of 10 pro EU groups now active in Yorkshire & the Humber, was hand delivered to all 54 MPs with constituencies in our region
– We were met by Mary Creagh, Labour MP for Wakefield, and two other sympathetic Labour MPs from our region
– The handover was broadcast on BBC Look North 

– Our colleagues Martin Brooks (York for Europe ) and Frederika Roberts (Best for Doncaster) secured face-to-face meetings with their respective MPs Julian Sturdy (Con, Outer York) and Caroline Flint (Lab, Don Valley)
– We joined more than hundred colleagues from SODEM (Stand of Defiance European Movement) Women for Europe and drew cheers from people passing by and thumbs up and horn blasts from motorists
– We joined SODEM’s inimitable Steve Bray for his “Six o Clock Shout” demanding an end to Brexit at the gates of Parliament.

Polly from SODEM has passed on her heartfelt thanks to NYfE/ Yorkshire for Europe – and has asked to keep coming to help build momentum for more and more groups to join us!

Brexit Shambles: The End Game


The last few weeks have been something a roller coaster for Remainers. First the PM went down to the worst defeat in modern Parliamentary history when her wretched Brexit deal was overwhelming rejected by MPs. Then she created the illusion of unity in her deeply divided party by getting approval for a fanciful motion involving the reopening of the deal guaranteeing a frictionless borders in Ireland (something that, quite rightly, the EU were never going to agree to).

Worryingly, a small group of Labour MPs voted to help defeat sensible amendments that would have allowed Parliament to take control and stop a cliff-edge No Deal.

All of which confirms that despite the achievements of the People’s Vote campaign in getting a second referendum on to the mainstream news agenda, this battle is far from won.

We should take heart from comments from Anna Soubry that many Tory MPs privately agree with her and would support a second referendum once all other options are off the table. Similar sentiments were expressed by Lord Newby, Lib Dem Leader in the House of Lords, who told an audience in Ripon on Friday that many MPs are keeping their heads below the parapet – but that they ARE very much open to influence from us!

Click on the image below to contact your MP …

That’s why it’s vital that people keep on writing letters and emails to their MPs.

Meanwhile, we’re asking those who can to join us on our special coach to Westminster – so MPs cannot ignore our voice. Details of our trips will be publicised on our blog or by newsletter. If you don’t receive our newsletter you can subscribe here.

NYfE Raises over £500 for the Homeless

Overwhelming support for People’s Vote at Harrogate public debate 

Nearly 170 people came to NYfE’s public debate on Brexit in Harrogate last month – and they made their views clear: We believe the EU is a force for good and we don’t want Brexit!

As reported in the Harrogate Advertiser, snap votes called at the end of the debate, held at the Wesley Centre, showed strong opposition to the PM’s Brexit deal or No Deal – and overwhelming support for a People’s Vote. 

THE PANEL L-R  Judith Rogerson, Ian Greenberg, Linda McAvan (at lecturn),  Prof Colin Adams, John Watson, Andy Brown

Speakers Linda McAvan, Labour MEP for Yorkshire & the Humber; Judith Rogerson, Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Harrogate & Knaresborough and Andy Brown, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Skipton & Ripon all made strong arguments for the many benefits of EU membership.  All warned that any form of Brexit would have disastrous consequences for our economy, create further prolonged division and uncertainty – while depriving young people of their rights and freedoms.

However, some of the strongest contributions for the debate, chaired by Prof John Adams, were form members of the audience. They spoke passionately about what EU membership meant for them personally. One spoke movingly about the kindness and love shown to his dying parents by Eastern European carers – who were now being told they were no longer welcome here. Others spoke of the original aims behind the EU to prevent conflict between nations and its success in promoting peace, democracy, and human rights.

Judith Rogerson speaking at the debate

Harrogate & Knaresborough MP Andrew Jones was notable by his absence. He declined an invitation to attend made in December, saying he had another engagement and that it wasn’t his policy to speak at paid for events. NYfE then handed in a petition signed by 450 constituents urging him to reconsider – and offering to make it a free event if he changed his mind – to no avail. When we approached local Conservative Association asking if they could find another speaker, they declined saying that debating Brexit now was “neither helpful (n)or necessary.”

However we are grateful to John Watson, former Conservative MP for Skipton & Ripon, for accepting our request to participate as a speaker.  He said although he had voted Remain, the most sensible way of healing divisions and respecting the 2016 referendum would be to support the PM and get the best deal we could on future trading relations.

The fifth speaker was Ian Greenberg, UKIP’s Leeds branch chairman. He argued that the EU was a failing institution and that if the UK cut its ties it faced a bright future. However, he was booed and heckled when he compared the EU to Nazi Germany.

At the end of the debate NYfE chair Richard Sadler announced profits from ticket sales had raised a total of £526 for the Harrogate Homeless Project.