Labour backs Remain!

Labour supporters at the Peoples Vote March, October 2018

After years of campaigning and internal pressure, Remain supporting members of the Labour party won a huge victory today with Jeremy Corbyn finally going on record to declare that Labour now demands a confirmatory vote on any deal or no-deal option, and that Labour would campaign to Remain.

Tom Watson, deputy leader of the Labour party said “Our members have been telling us for some time now that they want us to be a Remain party and that they want us to put the new deal to the people,”

“We’re now going to campaign for that and I’m very proud that the shadow cabinet have now listened to their concerns.”

A Labour bloc on the People’s march, organised by Remain Labour and the LabourSay campaign

Miriam Mirwitch, chair of Young Labour, welcomed the move, adding: “This vital shift shows that Labour is a party centred around democracy that has listened to what it’s members have wanted for some time: a People’s Vote in which Labour campaigns to Remain.”

The move is indeed a great victory for those within the Labour party that have worked so hard to keep opinion moving and whose work at the last Labour Conference and in Labour branches and CLP’s up and down the country has finally paid off. Groups such as Another Europe is Possible, Remain Labour, LabourSay, Open Labour and Labour for a Public Vote, amongst many others, can rightly be proud of what they have achieved today.

Remain Labour activists in Parliament Square

Whilst some might say that there is still some ambiguity in Labours stance, especially concerning a general election and what a future manifesto position might be, it is unarguable that the current position is that Labour backs a public vote on any deal in all circumstances. There is a slight possibility that IF a general election is called, and IF Labour win, that they may decide to try and renegotiate a deal, and IF they succeed, may call a vote on that Labour deal.

But regardless, a vote there will be, and, my friends, looking back to where we were just four months ago, I am happy with that. And, after the next three months of Labour members campaigning for a public vote and arguing the case for Remain – what odds that the Labour leadership can change tack once again and look towards a possible Lexit, without destroying any hopes of a GE win in the process? Slender, I think, and remote.

Today, Labour backs Remain, and we are that much closer to preventing the disaster that Brexit entails. Today, hope is winning.

A labour activist marching in London


Yorkshire pro EU campaigners make their mark in Westminster

Yorkshire campaigners are welcomed by the “Voice of Remain” – Steve Bray

NYfE supporters joined colleagues from other pro EU groups across Yorkshire last Wednesday (13th February) for our first foray outside Parliament – and we immediately made an impact.

– Our press release prompted widespread publicity including this story in the Bradford T& A

– Our letter from the newly formed Yorkshire for Europe, an alliance of 10 pro EU groups now active in Yorkshire & the Humber, was hand delivered to all 54 MPs with constituencies in our region
– We were met by Mary Creagh, Labour MP for Wakefield, and two other sympathetic Labour MPs from our region
– The handover was broadcast on BBC Look North 

– Our colleagues Martin Brooks (York for Europe ) and Frederika Roberts (Best for Doncaster) secured face-to-face meetings with their respective MPs Julian Sturdy (Con, Outer York) and Caroline Flint (Lab, Don Valley)
– We joined more than hundred colleagues from SODEM (Stand of Defiance European Movement) Women for Europe and drew cheers from people passing by and thumbs up and horn blasts from motorists
– We joined SODEM’s inimitable Steve Bray for his “Six o Clock Shout” demanding an end to Brexit at the gates of Parliament.

Polly from SODEM has passed on her heartfelt thanks to NYfE/ Yorkshire for Europe – and has asked to keep coming to help build momentum for more and more groups to join us!